Pre-order instructions

how to take a photo for your fake id

First decide on whether or not you will take a photo of yourself or buy a passport photo. Passport photos are the simplest and best. You can buy them at any chain drugstore for about $10. If not, any photo of you will work that is a direct-looking photo of yourself under good light. You must face straight into the camera and be up against a wall. The background color and size of your photo matters and we can crop and change the background color. After you have taken your photo or obtained a passport photo you will then have to scan it. If you don't have a scanner go to a local chain drug store or a Kinkos and they will scan it for you. Tell them to scan the images as a .jpg file.You will then upload this image when it's time to order your fake id.

your fake id signature

Take a sheet of paper, one that has no lines. Use a sheet of computer paper. Sign your name larger than you normally would. Scan that sheet of paper and save it as a .jpg file. Upload that signature file when ordering.

ordering multiple fake ids

If you are ordering several fake ids you will need to fill-out an order form, upload the photo and pay for each ID one at a time.

Ordering Instructions


Our website makes it easy to order the fake id or ids that you wish. Select the state options, fill-in the personal information, choose shipping address, upload your photo and signature...and pay for your fake id with Bitcoin.


Step One: Select A Product 

  1. Select your State from the State drop down menu and browse by state.

  2. Choose the size, if applicable, and then the quantity to proceed to the product details page.

Step Two: Place Your Order 

  1. Name your job to help identify each item and verify the options selected. Then continue shopping or proceed to check out.

  2. Provide a shipping address and then select shipping options, including blind shipping and UPS delivery method.

  3. Review the subtotal of your order and continue.

  4. Log into your My Account or for first time visitors, create a new online account.

  5. Select appropriate billing method.

  6. Review and submit your order.

  7. You will then be directed to the order confirmation screen – and directed to Step 3 in the process.

For your convenience we have created ordering instructions to help guide you step-by-step through this process.

Step Three: Upload Your Files

Using the file submission method you selected (AutoFlight or Email Proof), you will submit files for the items in your order.

Before uploading your files please review our print ready guidelines to ensure there is no delay in your order. These guidelines include, but are not limited to:

  1. Building files with the proper bleed.

  2. Embedding the necessary fonts with your file.

  3. Submitting all files in CMYK instead of RGB. All submitted files will be converted to CMYK.

  4. Images are print ready and are at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Step Four: Proof Review

  1. Review your final proof and upon acceptance your order is immediately sent to print and no further changes can be made, except for shipping information. Read our "How To View Proofs" PDF for step-by-step instructions.

  2. Visit the My Account section to view the progress of your order and subsequent UPS tracking information. For step-by-step instruction, read our "check order status" PDF .

Still have questions?

You can contact our customer relations department Monday through Friday